Deepavali Facts - FlowerAdvisor

3 Deepavali Facts You Need to Know Before the Celebration

In India, there are many interesting festivals. Deepavali or also known as Diwali is one of the most awaited ones, particularly by Hindus people. This is the day when they start to light a number of diyas (Indian oil lamps) to celebrate the victory of light over darkness and good over evil. This festival is […]

Flower Effects - FlowerAdvisor

4 Amazing Flower Effects to Human Emotional Health

All this time we only know flowers as beautiful silent creatures. We often use it as a home or party decoration, accessories, or gifts for lovers, families and friends. But, flowers are more than that. Some researchers have proved that blossoms can influence human emotionally. Here are those 4 flower effects to our emotional health. […]

Birthday Gift - FlowerAdvisor

6 Meaningful Reasons to Give a Birthday Gift

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! That’s what we usually say or shout to someone who are celebrating the anniversary of their birth. There is another thing that people commonly do for this special event, and that is gifting. Giving a birthday gift is already like a part of culture. But, have you ever wondered why we have to […]

First Date Don'ts - FlowerAdvisor

11 First Date Don’ts You Must Know Before Dating

Everyone must have experienced their own first date. Some people might feel amazing about it, while a few of them might say it was like a disaster. For those who do not want to have a disastrous scenario, we have a number of tips for you. Here are 11 first date don’ts you should know […]

Expensive Flowers - FlowerAdvisor

5 Most Expensive Flowers in the World

Who can resist the beauty of flowers? Most people need these lovely creatures for many reasons, like wedding, house decorations, gifts, etc. In these days, we can find as well as buy plenty of them in flower shops. Most flowers are quite affordable to purchase, but not with these five flowers. Here are five most […]

Popular Proposal Spots - FlowerAdvisor

5 Most Popular Proposal Spots in the World

Proposal is definitely one of the most heartwarming as well as unforgettable moments. That’s why most men prepare everything in detail, including the place. Guys, if you really want to make it very romantic then you need to find a perfect place for that. Here are five most popular proposal spots in the world, which […]

How to Dress for A First Date - FlowerAdvisor

7 Tips on How to Dress for A First Date

When someone is about to have a first date, s/he must want to give a good impression. How they look is their first concern. If you are looking for some tips on how to dress for a first date, you have come to the right place. Check it out! Match Your Dress Code with the […]

Love Superstitions - FlowerAdvisor

5 Love Superstitions That Still Exist

Do you believe in love? Most of us surely will say yes. But, what about superstitions related to love? Some people might believe them, and others might be skeptical. There have been numerous love superstitions which are quite popular around the world. Here are five of them which are still exist until these days. Throwing […]

Overcome Breakup Depression - FlowerAdvisor

6 Simple Ways to Overcome Breakup Depression

Hello, lovebirds. Have you experienced a breakup moment? How did you take it back then? Crying over it for days? Well, no need to be ashamed of it since that is a normal reaction. However, if it is too hard to handle, then you might want to hear our six simple ways to overcome breakup […]


6 Reasons Why You Should Choose FlowerAdvisor

Are you looking for a flower shop to deliver some flowers to overseas? In these days, there have been many flower shops running around the world. However, not all of them are able to send internationally. So, what is the solution? FlowerAdvisor can solve it for you. Here are 6 reasons why you should choose […]

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