5 Types of Flowers for Mother’s Day Gifts

Indonesia Mother’s Day on December 22nd will soon arrive. One of the things we can do to make our mothers happy is if we give something special. Give our mother flowers as a thank you  gift and a sign of love on Mother’s day. Our mother would be happy to receive a bouquet of flowers from her child. Now do not be confused where to buy flowers. There are several best flower delivery services in Jakarta that you can see before buying it.

There are many choices of flowers that you can provide for your mother. Here are some of them.

  1. Rose

Roses, source FlowerAdvisor Instagram

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Create The Most Romantic Valentine Moments With These Amazing Flowers

When February has come, people welcome it with the great joy and love since there will be the most romantic moment where two lovers meet and share the happiness together. Called as valentine day, this special occasion is always commemorated among the youths and most of them always think to buy Valentines flowers Singapore to show the affection and attention. In addition, the rest also give dark chocolate when celebrating the Valentine Day.

Since Valentine Day is associated with flowers, you can go to the floral shop and choose some wonderful flowers that depict your love. If you have no time to see the florist, you can order valentines flowers Singapore that will be sent throughout the world. This surely helps you to give big surprise to your loved one in the special moments. Luckily, you also will get some gifts too as you buy Valentines flowers Singapore. Continue reading “Create The Most Romantic Valentine Moments With These Amazing Flowers”

What To Give When Chinese New Year Comes? Check Them Out Here

A Chinese New Year is the most special occasion when people have the chance to celebrate and to maintain the friendship with others. During this period of time, most of Chinese people are visiting some shops to buy Chinese New Year hamper to give to the loved one or friend. This old tradition to order CNY hamper Singapore has been existed for many years ago and it is now preserved until this present day.

It is said that the celebration of Chinese New Year depends on the income you get in every month. In this regard, you are not necessary to order CNY hamper Singapore that costs for hundred dollars because some foods or drink is quite enough to order CNY hamper Singapore. Then, what you have got to do is to put all the presents in a particular gold or red box or bag. This is because both gold and red symbolize the fortune while black and white are thought to be taboo colors. Continue reading “What To Give When Chinese New Year Comes? Check Them Out Here”

Singapore Christmas Gift Ideas to Buy in 2018

Christmas in Singapore is a time when you can show appreciation to the loved ones with special gifts. Many great Christmas gift ideas reflect well wishes and beautiful expressions, which are better than fancy objects to create a lasting impression. Here are several ideas you can consider to express Christmas greetings this year

Singapore Christmas Gift Ideas to Buy in 2018

1. Flower bouquets

Flower bouquets

Bouquets are strong symbols of good wishes, and certain flowers are perfect for Christmas. Red roses symbolize deep emotions and love. Calla lilies are associated with purity and holiness. Baby’s breath is a great bouquet filler and symbolizing innocence. When arranged together, the flowers create positive meanings that are perfect for a celebration.

Red, white, and green are typical Christmas colors. You can combine these colors in a perfect bouquet for a loved one.

2. Flower arrangement

Flower arrangement

Another great alternative for flower gifting is a table arrangement. Instead of a bouquet, you can order a flower arrangement in a vase. You can order single or multiple flower types to form the arrangement. For example, a typical European-style arrangement may consist of roses, lilies, tulips, calla lilies, hyacinths, and gerberas.

You can play with colors to deliver messages through the arrangements. For example, white or lighter shades are associated with innocence, purity, faith, and hope. Bright colors like yellow and orange often mean friendship, happiness, or joy. Meanwhile, deep red and purple symbolize passion, perfect for a loved one.

3. Wine hampers

If you need more suitable Xmas gift ideas for professional settings, wine hampers are one of the best options. They are elegant, mature, and can be arranged in a classic gift basket. You can choose the amounts of wine bottles to order based on your budgets. The typical Christmas decorations will make the wine hampers perfect to celebrate the occasion.

Wine hampers

Before you choose the wine hampers, make sure that the wine is perfect for a gift. High-quality gift shop, such as FlowerAdvisor, partners with the respectable winery to provide the content. Elegant bottles in a beautifully-decorated basket will make your gifts stand out.


Where to Buy Christmas Gifts in Singapore

Make your Christmas special with high-quality gifts. FlowerAdvisor provides Christmas gifts in the forms of flower bouquets, arrangements, hampers, and plushies. The 24-hour delivery service ensures quick shipment to various areas and even countries outside Singapore. You can order Christmas gifts to surprise a friend, spouse, or colleague, wherever they are.

The perfect Christmas gift is not difficult to find. These Christmas gift ideas Singapore 2018 by FlowerAdvisor will make your recipient happy on a special day.

Beautiful Singapore Christmas Hamper Ideas for 2018

Hampers are ideal for Christmas gifts because they are memorable and perfect for all recipients. Singapore Christmas Hampers offers beautiful options to surprise your loved ones, friends, or colleagues. From wine to flowers, a perfectly-selected hamper is perfect to create a memorable Christmas greeting.

Beautiful Singapore Christmas Hamper Ideas for 2018

Christmas Hamper Ideas for 2018

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Best Singapore Christmas Flowers and Their Meanings

Best Singapore Christmas Flowers and Their Meanings

Flower arrangements always have a strong emphasis on Christmas decorations. Traditional Christmas flowers have special meanings in Christianity, such as from their colors and symbols. You can use these flowers as decoration points or even gifts, spreading the holiday spirit through their elegant beauty.

Here are several flowers that are often associated with Christmas, complete with their meanings.

1. Christmas Roses

Christmas Roses

Christmas Roses are a type of buttercup flower, but it has a rose-like appearance that leads to its name. The flowers grow in winter and have a white color with soft pink edges. Christmas Rose appeared in a legend about a shepherdess called Madelon, who cried because she did not have any gift to welcome the birth of Christ. An angel appeared and revealed the presence of Christmas Rose, which Madelon arranged into a bouquet for her gift.

2. Red Roses

Red Roses

Red roses are popular as Christmas bouquets because of the meaning behind their color. Red traditionally symbolizes the blood of Christ, while rose symbolizes passion. To turn red roses into a perfect holiday bouquet, combine them with smaller white flowers and large green foliage. You can also have them as table arrangements for more “neutral” gifts.

3. White Lilies

White Lilies

White lilies symbolize purity and innocence and are often associated with Virgin Mary. The elegant shapes make these flowers popular for wedding anniversaries, connecting them with devotion and pure love. White lilies also symbolize salvation and innocence one receives after death.

4. White Roses

White Roses

Like white lilies, white roses are flowers that represent innocence, purity, and sympathy. White roses also have deep connections with spirituality, thanks to their quiet beauty. While these flowers are traditional parts of wedding bouquets, they also find their ways to Christmas floral arrangements. They look great as centerpiece on the table or as bouquets. You can combine white roses with other flowers or make them the main stars.

5. Poinsettia


You may think of poinsettia as a traditional red Christmas flower. However, the red “flower” is a set of colored foliage. The combination between bright red and deep green is perfect for traditional Christmas decoration. You can add little white elements to create the more festive look and turn them into wreaths for door or wall.

Flowers are not just great as Christmas decorations, but also as gifts. Singapore’s FlowerAdvisor offers a wide range of flowers in the forms of bouquets and arrangements. The international Christmas flower delivery service will cheer up anyone who receives your gifts, no matter where they live. Make this holiday livelier by sending traditional Christmas flowers as special gifts. We were even named one of the best Christmas Hammer Suppliers in Singapore by Flower Delivery Reviews

3 Tips on How to Make a Personalised Gift Hamper

Would you like to give a special, personalised gift hamper for your special person? When Christmas, Chinese New Year or Easter time is around, there is no doubt that we will spend a little of our time to find a special gift for any special person we have. If you consider hamper as the best choices to send to those special ones, have you known how to make personalised gifts Singapore hamper?

Personalised gifts hamper Singapore

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3 Tips on How to Make Your Flowers Last Longer

Those Valentine’s Day roses given by your loved one must be very memorable and meaningful. That’s why it must be sad to see that the roses begin to wilt and not fresh anymore. But, you do not need to be worry because there are ways to preserved flowers which are able to make your flowers last longer.

Preserved Flowers Singapore

If you think that preserving flowers is complicated, you may be wrong because it is very easy and you can even use a home remedy to make it. If you have not believed it, let’s check this out!

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3 Easy Guides on How to Pick a Birthday Flower

There is no one who does not want to feel special on their birthday. One of the ways to provide a special feeling to someone we love on their birthday is by giving them a gift. When there are a lot of birthday gift ideas available out there, a bouquet of birthday flowers can be an excellent choice for you.

Happy Birthday Flowers

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