Best Singapore Christmas Flowers and Their Meanings

Best Singapore Christmas Flowers and Their Meanings

Flower arrangements always have a strong emphasis on Christmas decorations. Traditional Christmas flowers have special meanings in Christianity, such as from their colors and symbols. You can use these flowers as decoration points or even gifts, spreading the holiday spirit through their elegant beauty.

Here are several flowers that are often associated with Christmas, complete with their meanings.

1. Christmas Roses

Christmas Roses

Christmas Roses are a type of buttercup flower, but it has a rose-like appearance that leads to its name. The flowers grow in winter and have a white color with soft pink edges. Christmas Rose appeared in a legend about a shepherdess called Madelon, who cried because she did not have any gift to welcome the birth of Christ. An angel appeared and revealed the presence of Christmas Rose, which Madelon arranged into a bouquet for her gift.

2. Red Roses

Red Roses

Red roses are popular as Christmas bouquets because of the meaning behind their color. Red traditionally symbolizes the blood of Christ, while rose symbolizes passion. To turn red roses into a perfect holiday bouquet, combine them with smaller white flowers and large green foliage. You can also have them as table arrangements for more “neutral” gifts.

3. White Lilies

White Lilies

White lilies symbolize purity and innocence and are often associated with Virgin Mary. The elegant shapes make these flowers popular for wedding anniversaries, connecting them with devotion and pure love. White lilies also symbolize salvation and innocence one receives after death.

4. White Roses

White Roses

Like white lilies, white roses are flowers that represent innocence, purity, and sympathy. White roses also have deep connections with spirituality, thanks to their quiet beauty. While these flowers are traditional parts of wedding bouquets, they also find their ways to Christmas floral arrangements. They look great as centerpiece on the table or as bouquets. You can combine white roses with other flowers or make them the main stars.

5. Poinsettia


You may think of poinsettia as a traditional red Christmas flower. However, the red “flower” is a set of colored foliage. The combination between bright red and deep green is perfect for traditional Christmas decoration. You can add little white elements to create the more festive look and turn them into wreaths for door or wall.

Flowers are not just great as Christmas decorations, but also as gifts. Singapore’s FlowerAdvisor offers a wide range of flowers in the forms of bouquets and arrangements. The international Christmas flower delivery service will cheer up anyone who receives your gifts, no matter where they live. Make this holiday livelier by sending traditional Christmas flowers as special gifts. We were even named one of the best Christmas Hammer Suppliers in Singapore by Flower Delivery Reviews

3 Tips on How to Make Your Flowers Last Longer

Those Valentine’s Day roses given by your loved one must be very memorable and meaningful. That’s why it must be sad to see that the roses begin to wilt and not fresh anymore. But, you do not need to be worry because there are ways to preserved flowers which are able to make your flowers last longer.

Preserved Flowers Singapore

If you think that preserving flowers is complicated, you may be wrong because it is very easy and you can even use a home remedy to make it. If you have not believed it, let’s check this out!

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3 Easy Guides on How to Pick a Birthday Flower

There is no one who does not want to feel special on their birthday. One of the ways to provide a special feeling to someone we love on their birthday is by giving them a gift. When there are a lot of birthday gift ideas available out there, a bouquet of birthday flowers can be an excellent choice for you.

Happy Birthday Flowers

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3 Most Romantic Roses to Tell Her “I Love You”

That feeling that is left unsaid must be frustrating for you. Now, it is your time to express your feeling and let her know that you love her. Flower has become a key element for proposing your loved one. When every flower bring its own meaning, choosing the right flower that says “I love you” is a must. Now the question is what kind of flowers that best for this occasion?

Bouquet of Roses can be the most popular ones given by a man to the woman he loves. But, you must remember that there is more than one color of roses available out there. Then, which one is the best one for saying you loves her? Find the answer as follow!

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5 Top Most Popular Flowers for Your Bouquet and Where to Get Them

Flower has its own language, makes it has a quality to speak out something you want to express to someone. However, have you known what you are saying when you give a certain flower bouquet to someone you love or appreciate?

Understanding certain flower meaning is actually helpful when you are choosing a particular flower to present to someone. In this case, you can simply match the meaning of the flowers and the moment you send it.

In case, you need some ideas for the best flowers for your bouquet, here we have some of the most popular flowers that you may like to have and information about where to get them. So, check this out!

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Celebrating Chinese New Year with Flowers

“Hua Kai Fu Gui”, a proverb that always reminds among the Chinese people during the preparation of celebration of Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year). Literally translated as when there is blooming flowers, there comes prosperity in life. It is believed to be the sacred sentence as well, so that no wonder Chinese people will implement it that proverb in accordance with choosing the right Chinese New Year flowers. To Chinese people, some flowers have a deep meaning, so that they will pick only those due to the sacred celebration in Chinese New Year. If you do not know which flower to choose, below are some recommendations of Chinese New Year flowers to consider.

Chinese New Year flower
click image for more info

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5 Beautiful Flowers That Can Kill You

Flowers have nice smell, fragrance and their own beauty. But actually, there are some beautiful flowers that can kill people. What are they? See this article below!

  1. Mountain Laurel
Mountain Laurel is one of poisonous plants
Source :

The Mountain Laurel is actually a dangerous plant, because its appearance doesn’t look sinister. The leaves and nectar taste sweet, so bees like to gather the nectar from this plant. But if they are being on this plant for too long, the honey will be poisonous and can cause irritating effects. Its found that kids has tasted the nectar from this plant which can causes several symptoms, such as : vomiting, runny nose and stomach pains. And in other cases, it’s also found that pets have died from eating the leaves of the plant.

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5 Flower Superstitions Species in Russia

Everyone like flowers because of their beauty appearances and various kind of scents. But in some countries, there are some superstitions about it. One of the example is in Russia. What are they?

  1. White Carnation
carnation flower
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Carnation is a symbol of talent. But in Russia, white carnations means can take away your talent and good luck. So if you want to give a flower to the performer on stage, try to avoid this flowers. But on the other hands, if you are placing this flower under your pillow while you are sleeping, it will help you inspired for the next morning.

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5 Most Expensive Flowers In The World

There are various kinds of flowers in this world. Every flowers have different range of prices, from low to high. Flowers can be expensive, depends on their quality. But what are the most expensive flowers in the world? Here are the lists:

  1. Kadupul Flower
Source :

This flower is very rare. It only lasts for a few hours and dies before dawn. It is also only blossoms at night and emanates a calming and lovely fragrance. The reason why the Kadupul Flower does not have a price tag is because the flower that cannot be picked by anyone without causing damage to it. It is the flower that cannot be bought!

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5 Handy DIY Tips for Exquisite Hand Bouquet

Tying the knot is the most emotional moment ever. You might get really hyped up about your upcoming wedding. And you want to make sure that everything is flawless including the hand bouquet. Instead of having it made, why don’t you make your own hand bouquet? A few tips on making a hand bouquet might be handy.

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