5 Beautiful Flowers That Can Kill You

Flowers have nice smell, fragrance and their own beauty. But actually, there are some beautiful flowers that can kill people. What are they? See this article below!

  1. Mountain Laurel
Mountain Laurel is one of poisonous plants
Source : upload.wikimedia.org

The Mountain Laurel is actually a dangerous plant, because its appearance doesn’t look sinister. The leaves and nectar taste sweet, so bees like to gather the nectar from this plant. But if they are being on this plant for too long, the honey will be poisonous and can cause irritating effects. Its found that kids has tasted the nectar from this plant which can causes several symptoms, such as : vomiting, runny nose and stomach pains. And in other cases, it’s also found that pets have died from eating the leaves of the plant.

  1. Veratrum
Veratrum blossoms
Source : flowers3.la.coocan.jp

Veratrum known as one of the most dangerous and poisonous blossoms in the world. Why? Because if anyone get ingested by it, can causes rapid cardiac failure and even could lead into a horrific death.Other fact is the high toxicity symptoms occur between 30 minutes and 4 hours. And the first signs from it are vomiting, abdominal pain, headaches and seizures. Some species of this family grow in Australia.

  1. Cerbera Odollam
Cerbera Odollam plant
Source : 4.bp.blogspot.com

This plant is called suicide tree. Why? Although they look beautiful with white color, but actually they are fatal if someone get ingested by it. They can cause disruption of the heartbeat that often ends fatally if people consumed the kernels of this plant. The toxins from it are so lethal.

  1. Ragwort
Ragwort flower
Source : assets.wagwalkingweb.com

This flowers have small figure with bright yellow colors and look a bit similar with dandelion. Although this flower isn’t that poisonous and deadly as Veratrum, but it still can damage livestock and pets. Because the shrub has poisonous leaves that can lead to kidney failures if animals or pets consume it. They can pose a threat to animals because the leaves are poisonous, either the fresh leaves or the dried leaves.

  1. Aconitum
Aconitum plant
Source : cdn.shopify.com

This plant has a beautiful purple colors. But the toxicity of this plant is very strong that could lead to an instantaneous death. Some of the other effects are nausea, dizziness and difficulty breathing.

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