5 Flower Superstitions Species in Russia

Everyone like flowers because of their beauty appearances and various kind of scents. But in some countries, there are some superstitions about it. One of the example is in Russia. What are they?

  1. White Carnation
carnation flower
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Carnation is a symbol of talent. But in Russia, white carnations means can take away your talent and good luck. So if you want to give a flower to the performer on stage, try to avoid this flowers. But on the other hands, if you are placing this flower under your pillow while you are sleeping, it will help you inspired for the next morning.

  1. Lilac
lilac flower
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Lilac is well known for having four petals. With extra petals like five or six are very uncommon, and they are believed to bring luck. In Russia, eat lilac flower can bring them a good luck, so try to eat it to snatch this rare opportunity. But make sure to eat them with extra petals.

  1. Calla Lily
lily flowers
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White lilies maybe a perfect choice for your wedding bouquet because it looks so beautiful and gorgeous to fit in your wedding dress. But don’t get it wrong. This flower actually a symbol of death. And for marriage, having lilies at a wedding will split the couple very soon.

  1. Yellow Flower
sunflower bouquet
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Yellow flowers actually have two meanings. First, it stands for unfaithfullness. Second, a bouquet of yellow flowers can lead a couple to fight and break-up. Never choose a yellow flower in Russia for your beloved one in Russia. It’s better to choose white or red flowers.

  1. Give an odd number of flowers

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In Russia, this is crucial. Never give people an even number of flowers. Because they are reserved for grieving and funerals.  So just give the flowers in odd numbers, like five, seven, nine, etc.


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