5 Most Popular Proposal Spots in The World

Proposal is the most important step that everyone needs to do before they step on a bigger level aka marriage. You need to think carefully how, when and where that you needs to propose her. These are the 5 most popular proposal spots that might be a great choice for you:

  1. Venice, Italy.
Source : tripstodiscover.com

This place is well known as the cities of love. The scenery are too romantic. Many women will love this place for sure, especially when getting proposed. But there’s 1 famous place in Venice that you need to go when you want to propose her. It’s on a gondola in Venice. Usually the driver will sing some romantic songs for the passengers there, especially for the couple. You can request your favorite song for her to make it more romantic, and propose her there. It will be memorable for her!

  1. Paris
Source : therichest.com

Who didn’t know this place? It’s also famous for a romantic city. Being proposed infront of Eiffel Tower is every woman’s dream. Now, it’s time for you to fulfill her wish. Eiffel Tower looks beautiful at night because its filled with a bright light and some beautiful buildings around. In fact, Eiffel Tower is seen as hundreds of proposals every year.

  1. New York
Source : tripstodiscover.com

New York is famous for tall buildings around. You want to let her see the beautiness of New York City? Propose her in the 86th floor of Empire State building. This building is well known for one of the most cliched spots. Make sure to propose her at midnight, let her enjoy the romantic scenery from there. Consider bringing romantic gifts for her to show how much you care.

  1. Disneyland
disney land
Source : therichest.com

Sometimes you need to let go of your inner child. Many girls dreaming become a princess. So, now its time for you to make her become your princess in a fairy tale. This place is a great option for you to propose. You could tell her to dress become a princess without telling her what the purpose is. You need to dress as a prince too. Then, propose her with some romantic songs as a background or a beautiful fireworks around. Disneyland is also a popular place for proposal destination.

  1. Hawaii
Source : therichest.com

Hawaii is very famous for a popular honeymoon destination. This place has a great scenery around and also nice weather. Especially when you take a walk on the beach. You can make a simple proposal like writing “Will You Marry Me” on the sand while enjoying a great scenery around.  You can give romantic flowers to her too. It will be memorable for her!