5 Types of Flowers for Mother’s Day Gifts

Indonesia Mother’s Day on December 22nd will soon arrive. One of the things we can do to make our mothers happy is if we give something special. Give our mother flowers as a thank you  gift and a sign of love on Mother’s day. Our mother would be happy to receive a bouquet of flowers from her child. Now do not be confused where to buy flowers. There are several best flower delivery services in Jakarta that you can see before buying it.

There are many choices of flowers that you can provide for your mother. Here are some of them.

  1. Rose

Roses, source FlowerAdvisor Instagram

Rose, with its classic beauty, loved & famous all over the world. In Indonesia, the name ‘Mawar’ is often used as a woman’s name. Roses are given a lot not only on Valentine’s day but also on Mother’s day because roses symbolize love and romance.

2. Orchid


Orchid, source FlowerAdvisor

This beautiful orchid has many strong symbols with love. Of course, this sense of luxury gives the meaning of attention and love that is strong and very appropriate to be given to your mother.


3. Carnation


Carnation, source pexels.com

This one flower has been designated as a symbol of Mother’s Day in Philadelphia since 1907. Especially for pink carnation flowers. The flower was chosen as a symbol of eternal affection. You can also offer carnation flowers on Mother’s Day.


4. Tulips


Tulips, source hamiltongardens.co.nz

Flowers originating from Netherland provide excellent beauty when breaking. Tulips are a good choice when giving them to your mother because they have a new meaning of life, and generosity.


5. Sunflowers


Sunflowers, source Flower Advisor Indonesia Blog

Sunflower can be your choice when choosing a flower gift for Mother. Because besides being unique, the bright colors of sunflowers provide happiness. In addition, sunflowers also have a deep meaning of loyalty to nature.

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