6 Reasons Why You Should Choose FlowerAdvisor

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Talking about flowers, every women in this world might like them. Nowadays, there are so many florist online that are rising up worldwide, especially in Singapore. The development of social media makes people using this kind of opportunity to start their business by online. One of them is FlowerAdvisor. And here are some reasons why you should choose FlowerAdvisor:

1. FlowerAdvisor is an E-commerce company that can provide international flower delivery service to more than 100 countries in the world. Such as Singapore, Malaysia, Hongkong, USA, etc. And for the payment method, we provide various kinds of payment for local and international, from bank transfer, T-Cash, Alfamart until Paypal. Wow!

2. FlowerAdvisor provide same time delivery service. It means the order and delivery time can be done in one day. FlowerAdvisor also provide international delivery system.

3. FlowerAdvisor provide various kinds of flowers Singapore and gifts, special for you. The flowers are also have various kinds, from fresh flowers until preserved flowers.

4. FlowerAdvisor provide customer service for 24 hours. Because our company have an online system, so you can order it whenever that you want. Don’t worry! If you have any question, you can directly call our hotline that are stated on our website.

5. FlowerAdvisor provide service for several occasions or any kinds of special moments, like birthday, anniversary, graduation, etc.

6. FlowerAdvisor have several kinds of promo for every month. Not only promo, we also have some discount. Directly visit our website on www.floweradvisor.com.sg and follow us on Instagram at @floweradvisor. Don’t miss our promo, Flowerlovers!


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