Beautiful Singapore Christmas Hamper Ideas for 2018

Hampers are ideal for Christmas gifts because they are memorable and perfect for all recipients. Singapore Christmas Hampers offers beautiful options to surprise your loved ones, friends, or colleagues. From wine to flowers, a perfectly-selected hamper is perfect to create a memorable Christmas greeting.

Beautiful Singapore Christmas Hamper Ideas for 2018

Christmas Hamper Ideas for 2018

A timeless hamper is perfect to celebrate Christmas 2018. Here is the best Xmas hampers Singapore ideas you can consider:

  • Fruits


A fruit basket may sound old-fashioned, but it is all about the decoration. A professionally-arranged fruit hamper is not only beautiful but also fresh and delicious. Perfect as a present with a tropical touch.

  • Wine


Wine is a classic hamper idea for Christmas, and you can give it to anyone. Elegant wine bottles are beautiful enough, and they look better when arranged in a gift basket.

  • Treats/chocolate


Small treats or chocolate is another popular idea for hampers. Beautiful chocolate truffles, colorful macarons, or high-end cookies will cheer up anyone who receives your hamper.

  • Gourmet products

Gourmet products

Who says practical products are unsuitable for Christmas gifts? Gourmet products such as olives, preserves, brandy, and pasta make great edible greetings in a nice, homely basket.

  • Flowers and plushies

Flowers and plushies

Flowers and plushies are more like symbolic gifts, but they are great to deliver positive sentiments. You can give this present to loved ones and cheer them up, especially if they live far away.

FlowerAdvisor provides Christmas hampers with various contents, including these. You can even order hampers with mixed contents, such as wine and cookies, to make your gifts more special.


Tips to Choose the right Christmas Hamper

Choosing Christmas hamper is all about the recipients. For example, wine is suitable for any adults, including your colleagues, clients, partners, or even bosses. You can add flowers to make the wine hamper more suitable for significant others or loved ones.

If you want to make emotional or affectionate statements, combining flowers with plushies (such as Teddy Bear) is perfect. For the more mature theme, flowers with chocolate or high-end cookies are more suitable.


Where to Buy Christmas Hamper in Singapore?

FlowerAdvisor provides various options for the perfect Christmas hampers. You can have your hampers delivered to various areas and even countries, perfect to make a surprise. The hampers are from the finest quality, with high-end gifts of your choice. FlowerAdvisor also offers 24-hour delivery to your chosen address, ensuring timely surprise.

Express your best wish and respect with memorable gifts this Christmas. Buying Christmas Hampers Singapore 2018 is the perfect way to deliver Christmas greetings pleasantly.

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