What is White Day? 5 Return Gift Ideas for White Day

White Day
White Day


What is the Meaning of White Day?

The date is March 14. Does it ring a bell? That is precisely one month after the beloved Valentine’s Day, the day of love. White Day comes from Japan, where the men who received sweets a month before would return the gift with other sweets to the giver. In Japan, it is common for women to give chocolates to men on Valentine’s Day. The present would be exchanged precisely a month after on White Day instead. However, in other countries, the role of men and women may be reversed.

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Various Cute and Adorable Cushion for The Loved Ones



When you want to give your loved one a gift, a cushion is the best choice for a gift. Especially during this pandemic, people you loved who stay at home will be happy to give them a new cushion to accompany their days. But make sure it fulfills your loved one needed because there are so many types of cushion with different functions. So, think carefully about what is your loved one needed for a cushion.

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Aquatic Plants- Definition, Characteristics, Types And Benefits

Aquatic Plants
Aquatic Plants


There is a sense of calmness that comes with aquatic plants. Please put them in a glass box of water, and you’ve got a beautiful miniature garden. What makes them even more pleasing to the eyes is the variety of colors you can get. Live aquatic plants come in colors other than green. Some can even bloom flowers.

Moreover, aquatic plants don’t simply stop at providing your home or office a scenic beauty. They also create a fresh and healthy feeling with tons of benefits they have. This article will help you understand more about aquatic plants, the services, and how to care for them.

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What is Deepavali? Why and How is it Celebrated?

Deepavali Celebration
Deepavali Celebration


Deepavali is one of the biggest celebrations that celebrate the festival of lights. People celebrate Deepavali as a festival representing the beginnings and the victory of good over evil, thus having light as the celebration’s central symbol. It means the light that took over the dark. 

The name Diwali came from two other words that are Avali, which means a series or line, and Deepa, which means a traditional lamp. With both words combined, it would mean a series of traditional lamps or a standard lamps line.

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20 Most Beautiful Black Flowers Which Make Your Bouquet Special

Black Flowers
Black Flowers


Have you ever thought about giving a special beautiful bouquet with a series of Black Flowers? Various flowers with various colors have become the choice of flower givers or flower connoisseurs and an ideal for flower bouquet recipients. How about the Black Flowers bouquet? Can Black Flowers be sold and arranged into a beautiful arrangement of a flower bouquet?

What Does Black Flowers Mean?

Related to the meaning of the color black itself is a mystery, graceful, strong, and other meanings seem to bring a negative atmosphere or show a dark side to express deep feelings, but not for Black Flowers.

What Are Black Flowers Called?

Black Flowers are often called Black Velvet Petunia, the first Black Flowers in the world. If you look closely, the color of this flower is actually dark purple, not black.

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13 Easy and Unique Ideas to Do Terrific Pumpkin Carvings

Pumpkin Carvings
Pumpkin Carvings


Towards the moment of Halloween, you will often find pumpkins everywhere. Usually, this orange fruit is carved with a scary face and made into a lantern.

Maybe the question in your mind is, “Why do you have to pumpkin?”
The pumpkin is carved in a creepy face, inspired by horror fairy tales in Ireland.

Starting from the Fool’s Fire phenomenon

Pumpkin, this one fruit is synonymous with Halloween. According to David Emery, an urban legend expert told About.com, this carved pumpkin is Jack O’Lantern. Who is she?

The name Jack O’Lantern comes from England. This figure became known in the 17th century. Jack O’Lantern is a creative designation for Jack of Lantern, which means ‘lantern man.’
Jack committed many sins during his life. But he managed to trick Satan into not putting him in hell when he died. When Jack died, he was refused entry to heaven.

Then he descended into the afterlife and banged on the gates of hell, asking Satan to be placed in hell. The devil refused to break his first promise. Instead, she cursed Jack to wander the earth for good. He was equipped with a burning fire to illuminate the paths he traversed. Since then, he became known as Jack O’Lantern.

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Sending Funeral Wreath, Several Things to Consider

Funeral Wreath
Funeral Wreath


Thinking about the wreath origin may be a little confused. It was not a coincidence when someone laid it on his door. Someone may think that this circular floral pattern is exciting and beautiful.

And they who thought that might want to put the flower arrangement too in their door. But you can do that easily without knowing its meaning and symbolism. There are several facts and origins about it you need to know.

The first written record of circle floral arrangement dates back to ancient Romance and Greek around 150 before the century. At that time, people wore it as a headdress. They arranged it from twigs, small flowers and fruits, and tree leaves.

What do wreaths symbolize? They represent occupation, achievement, and status. The word wreath comes from the word wrioa (the old English word) and means that which circles around—the arrangement used for various purposes that have specific meanings such as a funeral.

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Snake Plant Benefits You Ought to Know



Snake-plant is a must-have flower among so many house flowers, as they have many benefits. Apart from its maintenance and good looks, there are many benefits. They have several common names which are viper’s bowstring hemp and mother-in-law’s tongue.

And its botanical name is Sansevieria trifasciata. Several Snake plant benefits are claimed by a recently published study that states that they can reduce indoor air pollution. This pollution can be as dangerous as outdoor air pollution.

More than that, when we hear the term snake plant, in our mind, they’re more than just one type, or maybe there are lots of questions we want to know what the answer is. To describe its type, it is often used as the moniker.
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All about Bromelias, An Interesting and Unique Flower



Bromelias is one of the most fascinating plants. Their rosette arranged brightly-colored blooms and foliage make for an easy and unique houseplant. They also can proliferate with low maintenance. But several issues are often faced by this flower.
Although those problems are not usual, in fact, they do occur especially when they grow in warm regions. Some tips can help you properly plant them after identifying what the matter happens to your flower.

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8 Summer Fruits You Should Not Miss In Your Diet

Summer Fruits
Summer Fruits


There are a lot of summer fruits. Their mixture comes in various kinds and can make many different kinds of drinks and food. They are such as apricots, berries, plums, mangoes, melons, and many more.

These fruits give nutrients and energy to your body to help your body stay hydrated and cool you down or even can protect your body and skin against the sun radiant. So, they can help you to survive the whole season.

Fruits are an effective way to prevent various serious health conditions. For example, they can help to reduce heart disease. Many beneficial things you will get by consuming various kinds of fruits.

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