15 Mothers Day Gift Ideas For The Wonderful Women


Whenever you feel lost, scared, or anxious all you utter is a single word that is “MOTHER”.

There are 365 days in a year but there is only one day that belongs to the most important person of our life and the sole reason for our existence and that is mother’s day.

Mother is the greatest treasure on earth, pure bliss to our life. Mother’s love is incomparable and being in the lap of the mother is no less than a paradise.

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Chinese New Year – Greetings, Celebrations And Gifts

Red lantern
Red lantern

The advent of a new year is a time of celebrations and joy all around the world.

With various countries having different methods of marking a new year and sharing love among each other, this beginning of the year has great value and admiration in the hearts of people.

This time of the year people tend to visit their friends and families over for dinner to celebrate together and hope for a prosperous New year filled with tranquility and peace. Among many different cultures, Chinese New Year stands out from the crowd because of its uniqueness and variance.

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Bright Up Your Celebrations With The Illuminating Fairy Lights

Fairy lights on a Christmas tree
Fairy lights on a Christmas tree

The primary source of energy and life is light. It is no wonder why light has been used in celebrations and occasions, from the most straightforward tiny lights from candles to the shapes of lanterns of various sizes and colors, including fairy lights.

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The Sunflower Bouquet for a Mother’s Day Moment

Sunflower Bouquet
Sunflower Bouquet


If you are looking for a gift to celebrate something, then a sunflower bouquet can be the right choice. This bouquet has bright yellow colors which are great. In fact, this bouquet can be a gift for Mother’s Day. Your mother will be very happy.

Sunflower is a very beautiful gift. Its bright color can leave a very strong impression. In addition, bright yellow or orange colors will also look beautiful in the photo. This flower also has a deep meaning to celebrate a moment.

Because each flower has its own meaning, giving flowers to colleagues, friends, or loved ones must be considered. You have to adjust the type of interest with the message you want to convey. Then what does it mean if you give a bunch of sunflowers to someone, especially for Mother’s Day?

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What Are the Best Flowers to Send on Mother’s Day?

Happy Mother's Day
Happy Mother’s Day


Are you looking for Mother’s Day flowers in Singapore? Before heading to your local florist, it would be better to learn which bloom is perfect for celebrating this special day. As you know, blooms are differentiated through the meaning they signify.
For instance, roses are well-known for their love-related meaning. Meanwhile, tulips are popular for their youthful-related meaning. For this reason, knowing which bloom is ideal for celebrating Mother’s Day would be helpful. Thus, you don’t need to spend much time wondering about the right bouquet to buy.

Some flower colors are also more popular than others when it comes to Mother’s Day. Different from Valentine’s Day that is symbolized by red and pink, there is no official color for Mother’s Day. So, you are actually free to opt for any flower colors.
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5 Types of Flowers for Mother’s Day Gifts

Indonesia Mother’s Day on December 22nd will soon arrive. One of the things we can do to make our mothers happy is if we give something special. Give our mother flowers as a thank you gift and a sign of love on Mother’s day. Our mother would be happy to receive a bouquet of flowers from her child. Now do not be confused about where to buy flowers. There are several best flower delivery services in Jakarta that you can see before buying it.

There are many choices of flowers that you can provide for your mother. Here are some of them.

1. Rose



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5 Creative Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Thanksgiving celebration
Thanksgiving celebration


Hi Flower lovers, happy Thanksgiving Day! Thanksgiving is one of many types of celebrations that are done for expressing gratitude. Thanksgiving meaning usually symbolizes a form of gratitude to God for what we have got or being grateful for. It can be done in various ways. One of them is through the Thanksgiving celebration.

Americans and Canadians commonly practice thanksgiving origin. This celebration is also used as a national holiday in the two countries. Thanksgiving was first introduced by British people who migrated to the American continent. However, both America and Canada have their history of how the British introduced Thanksgiving to them. In America, the British practiced Thanksgiving in 1619 in Charles City, Virginia. Meanwhile, in Canada, the British introduced the tradition in 1578.

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3 Deepavali Facts Before Celebration



Deepavali or Diwali is known as the Festival of Lights. This festival is celebrated by Hindus around the world. Here are some facts about Deepavali!

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