5 Flower Superstitions Species in Russia

Everyone like flowers because of their beauty appearances and various kind of scents. But in some countries, there are some superstitions about it. One of the example is in Russia. What are they?

  1. White Carnation
carnation flower
source : rbth.com

Carnation is a symbol of talent. But in Russia, white carnations means can take away your talent and good luck. So if you want to give a flower to the performer on stage, try to avoid this flowers. But on the other hands, if you are placing this flower under your pillow while you are sleeping, it will help you inspired for the next morning.

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5 Most Expensive Flowers In The World

There are various kinds of flowers in this world. Every flowers have different range of prices, from low to high. Flowers can be expensive, depends on their quality. But what are the most expensive flowers in the world? Here are the lists:

  1. Kadupul Flower
Source : therichest.com

This flower is very rare. It only lasts for a few hours and dies before dawn. It is also only blossoms at night and emanates a calming and lovely fragrance. The reason why the Kadupul Flower does not have a price tag is because the flower that cannot be picked by anyone without causing damage to it. It is the flower that cannot be bought!

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5 Handy DIY Tips for Exquisite Hand Bouquet

Tying the knot is the most emotional moment ever. You might get really hyped up about your upcoming wedding. And you want to make sure that everything is flawless including the hand bouquet. Instead of having it made, why don’t you make your own hand bouquet? A few tips on making a hand bouquet might be handy.

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How to Choose a Carnation Flower for Your Special Days

Carnation flower is one of the most beautiful flowers in this world. This hardy flower is believed to originate in Europe, especially England. Carnation flowers consist of more than 250 species coming with a number of different colors. And each color has its own meaning that usually symbolize certain special days. Which one does suit you well?

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Sunflower Bouquet on Budget Ideas

Sunflower is one of the most ubiquitous flowers arranged for a bouquet. The vibrant yellow color has always made this flower look adorable to be put in a vase or simply hold by hands. Getting an exquisite sunflower bouquet does not have to burn a hole in your pocket. Try this sunflower bouquet on budget ideas.

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Edible Flowers? Is That Exist?

There are many kinds of flowers in this world, from real flowers until the artificial flowers. But flowers also can be edible. What are they?

  1. Arugula
Source : https://www.parentmap.com

Arugula is a white flower. But did you know that they usually adds it into a salad? They usually used the leaves and being chopped as a peppery bite then they put it into the salad.

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