Celebrating Chinese New Year with Flowers

“Hua Kai Fu Gui”, a proverb that always reminds among the Chinese people during the preparation of celebration of Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year). Literally translated as when there is blooming flowers, there comes prosperity in life. It is believed to be the sacred sentence as well, so that no wonder Chinese people will implement it that proverb in accordance with choosing the right Chinese New Year flowers. To Chinese people, some flowers have a deep meaning, so that they will pick only those due to the sacred celebration in Chinese New Year. If you do not know which flower to choose, below are some recommendations of Chinese New Year flowers to consider.

Chinese New Year flower
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The ritual of Chinese New Year is related to cleaning the house and decorated it with assorted flowers. Among Chinese people and Singaporean, Azalea becomes the one of Chinese New Year flowers to choose, since it brings the meaning of happiness, balance and harmony.

In addition, its prominent color in red azalea always brightens your home up, this flower that later is called “ying shan hung” in Chinese is available in florist. Visit the nearby florist and fetch the most beautiful azalea for perfect Chinese New Year 2018 celebration.


During the celebration of Chinese New Year, chrysanthemum is one of the Chinese New Year flowers that is commonly brought to home. The golden color possessed by this flower would be always the dominant color among the Chinese New Year flowers. People think that this flower symbolizes wealth and absolute prosperity.

In the other hand, people always put the flower together due to the bright color and that indicates the longevity and the happiness. No wonder that Chinese people expect to bring the happiness during the celebration with the presence of chrysanthemum.

Chinese new year flowers


Among many types of Chinese New Year flowers, daffodil with the sweet scent is kind of flower that blooms during the Chinese New Year. Due to its beautiful and bright color, people always fill their house with the most auspicious flower during the celebration. These bright sweet scented yellow flowers also have the deep meaning to the Chinese people which represents wealth, gold and silver. To believe in, most Chinese people said that as they put this flower named daffodil in their home, there will be blessings and good luck throughout the year.


Considered as the most significant flowers in Chinese New Year celebration, Peony is one of the flower that create the difference during the Chinese New Year celebration. With the combination of pink and white, this flower is also thought to bring the big fortune and good luck among the Chinese people when celebrating the Chinese New Year.

Among Chinese people, they are frequently named it as flower of riches and honor. As they bring this one of Chinese New Year flowers called peony, Chinese people hope to have prosperity, honor and wealth during the life span.

Celebrating Chinese New Year is the most important celebration among the Chinese people since it is long considered to bring the cultural values in life. The celebration cannot be separated from the availability of Chinese New Year flowers that represents the good things. People pick those mentioned flowers and put it in the house as a mean of house-decoration that brings a good luck, fortune, wealth and prosperity.


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