DIY Paper Flowers? Is That Easy To Make?

If you are bored with the decorations at your home or your bedroom, then you might try this idea. Have you ever heard about paper flowers? It might be difficult to make, but actually it’s so easy and fun! So….Check this out!

  1. Cute Polkadot Flowers
cupcake flowers
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This is so simple to be make paper flowers. Prepare some cupcake papers, pencils, glue and a small vase that never been used anymore. First for the petals: fold cupcake papers into half, quarter and eighth. Then cut top of triangle in a petal shape and unfold. Second for the leaves: fold cupcake papers into half, quarter and eighth. Cut one side in leaf shape leaving point connected, then unfold. After that, stack the 5 layers of flowers and 1 layer of leaf then glued them together. You can use the pencil as a stem of the flowers. Lastly, put the flowers into a vase. Your cute flowers are done to make!

  1. Doodlecraft Flowers
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Have you ever thought that a coffee filter can be used to make a pretty things? Yes, you can make a pretty flower from it. How? First, you need to prepare some coffee filters, food coloring, water and a dish. Put some water and food coloring into the dish, you can mix any color that you want to make it pretty. Then stack about 6-10 coffee filters, fold them and hold the center. Dip in the colored water about half way only. Then open up and lay the stack on some wax paper. Keep repeat that for the rest of the filters and let them dry overnight. Stack some coffee filters and fold them into half. Cut scallops across the top curve. Repeat that but cut various shape,from small until large shape. Then fold in the center and pinch all the layers in the center with the smallest shape on inside. Staple the center point. Now separate the each layers and fluffing it up into the center. Now your flowers are beautifully bloomed!

  1. Watercolor Flowers
watercolor flowers
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First, all you needs are watercolor paint, paintbrush, paper, scissors, brown floral wire, brown floral tape and glue. Cut the paper into rectangles shape about 4×3 cm. Rip each paper into a petal shape by your own hands to make it more into a natural look. You don’t need to be perfect! Then paint each petal with the watercolor paint and let them dry. Fading the color from one end to the other for the ombre looks. Then cut a piece of brown floral wire for your flower stem. Make a hole in the end of each petals and secure the torn edges with the glue. Keep stacking them until your flower looks full. Wrap the bottom of the flower with floral tape to hold it in place on the flower stem. Last, crinkle and bend the flower petals a bit until they have a natural, relaxed look. Roll a small piece of dark paper into a ball and glue it to the center of each flower, over the floral wire.

  1. Paper Orchid Plant
paper orchid flowers
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First, you need to print an orchid template. Use the edge of scissors to curl the petals and leaves. Then punch small hole in the center of white petals and string through floral wire. Bend the tip of the wire at the top. Glued the two layers of petals into place and bend tip on the wire onto the two petal layer. Glue the center of the flower over the bend to hide wire. Cover the wire with the floral tape, tugging lightly as you wrap to activate the glue. Repeat the last three steps with all of your blooms. Tape four blooms together starting with the first two and adding the others about 4 inches apart. Make 2 stems of 4 blooms. Glue ends of two leaves together with the wire between. You will have 3 sets of two leaves. Your beautiful orchids are done!

  1. Tissue Paper
paper tissue flowers
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To make paper flowers from tissue paper, first prepare some colored tissue papers, foam balls, floral wire, floral tape, scissors and glue. Then, glue the balls onto end of wire. Wrap them with green tissue paper and make it into the bigger ball size.Cover them again with yellow tissue and wrapped it tightly. Then, prepare another colored tissue papers, cut them into 3 x 1.5 cm, fold in half, and make them into a fringe. Glue fringe around base of balls. Now its time to make the petals. Cut the petal tissue in 4 inch strips. Bleach edge of tissue. Hangs them and dry. After that, fold into 6 layers and cut into circles. Pinch base of each petals to form into a cup. Glue 3 petals around stem. Then layer the last 3 petals over the first 3 petals, do the same to other flowers. Crunch the petals carefully into a cone shape and cover stem with floral tape. Gently open them and the petals will form beautifully!

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