Edible Flowers? Is That Exist?

There are many kinds of flowers in this world, from real flowers until the artificial flowers. But flowers also can be edible. What are they?

  1. Arugula
Source : https://www.parentmap.com

Arugula is a white flower. But did you know that they usually adds it into a salad? They usually used the leaves and being chopped as a peppery bite then they put it into the salad.

  1. Violas
Source : https://www.parentmap.com

Violas has a pretty purple color on it. Because their beautiness, usually people use them as a salad dressing or garnish an omelet or soup with the petals. Sounds so yummy!

  1. Calendula
Source : https://www.parentmap.com

Calendula flowers has a beautiful yellow-orange color and a bit similar with daisies. Its easy to plant because their seeds are large.  Actually this flower is a culinary flower and have medicinal qualities. This flower petals usually used for a garnish on a salad and also can be dried, ground and used in a place of saffron.

  1. Chives
Source : https://www.parentmap.com

Chives are also a beautiful flower because they have a pretty color and blossoms. Usually purple chive blossoms are edible and can be eaten on salads or soups as an oniory garnish.

Flowers are not only for planting but also can be eaten. Wow! Such an interesting fact!

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