Flower Delivery Services in Singapore

flower delivery service

Flower delivery is a service in floristry. In many cases, it is conducted through websites that allow consumers to browse online catalogs of flowers. Flower delivery acts as agents and sells products and services on behalf of local florist suppliers which are available worldwide. No matter where you are, with just a click, you can easily send a bouquet of fresh flowers to someone on the other side of the world.

Here are the most asked questions:

“Do they do door to door services?”
Yes, Flower delivery offers a door to door service. So you need not need to worry that the flower you send will be lost or damaged. All flower delivery websites offer same-day flower delivery services like FlowerAdvisor do.

“Where can I purchase flowers in Singapore?”
Well here’s a list of recommendations for you:

1. The Floral Atelier
The Floral Atelier offers more than just a standard bouquet and service. They got a “Forget Me Not” service that allows one to select 5 dates every year to send a bouquet to a special someone. They also got their Eternity Collection; a mixture of preserved flowers and dried flowers which can last up to a year!

2. Ask A French
Ask A French does not only provide flower delivery services but also catering for baby showers, weddings, etc. They also have a cute service which is the “Surprise Fresh Bouquet” where you can choose the size and the type with or without a vase. Ask A French will help especially guys who do not know what kind of bouquet to choose for “her”, and the bouquet is a complete surprise!

3. Flower Addict
Flower Addict is famous for its hand-tied bouquets. You can pick out what flowers you want and let them arranged by pro florists and delivered straight to your doorstep with free same-day delivery. You can also choose the loosely tied bouquets if you want to indulge in the joy of styling the flowers yourself.

“Why use a flower delivery service when we can buy it ourselves?”
Well, by using flower delivery services, you have a lot of advantages; it is less time consuming for people who are too busy at work, you can look up to more varieties on the webpage and choose which one you like the best, they have a lot of monthly offers, seasonal offers, and many more favorable offers when paying with selected bank cards, etc. The best advantage is when you can’t see any flower shop open around you at midnight and you need it by tomorrow, you can always order it through the flower delivery services. All you need is what time and where you need to have the flowers. Convenient!

“Do we need to pay any delivery fees for this service?”
Some do and some don’t. But anyway, there are still a lot of monthly offers, so don’t worry! The offers available might cover the delivery expenses. In some selected countries on each website, delivery expenses are on a fixed rate too!

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