Lily Bouquet an Elegant Flower for Various Occasions

Lily Bouquet, an Elegant Flower for Various OccasionsIt’s no secret that a lily bouquet is elegant and beautiful. However, before giving someone a bouquet of lilies to someone, it will be better to know further about what this flower signifies and other essential facts about the bloom.
Remember that how you pick the floral arrangement may represent your intentions to the recipient. Among various reasons for gifting someone a bouquet, the most common one is to showcase your love to the loved one.
Then, what makes a lily special compared to other flowers? Even though this flower is not ranked as high as roses when it comes to popularity, lilies are highly attractive thanks to their diverse sizes, colors, and shapes.
Interesting Facts about a Bouquet of Lilies

A white lily bouquet represents new beginnings and modesty. That’s why it will make an ideal gift for a new mom or someone who has just been graduated. It can help you show such an encouraging message to welcome a new stage of life.
While it is generally linked to a refined beauty and purity, the meaning of lilies often depends on their colors. For instance, an orange lily is used to express passion. Meanwhile, a Valley lily is known to symbolize a pure heart and sweetness.

Another fun fact about lilies is that the flower can also be employed to create medication. Aside from being a beautiful gift, a lily bouquet will make a great decoration solution. Then, it can also be extracted to produce oil.
The oil extracted from this flower is discovered to provide softening and healing properties. If you are experiencing dry or cracked skin, the lily oil can help. Furthermore, the oil can also be employed for hot-oil treatment, massage, and facial moisturizer.

How to Pick the Right Bouquet of Lilies for Different Occasions
Then, how can you pick the perfect lilies for your bouquet? While this trumpet-shaped flower is perfect for any occasion, you may wonder which exact bouquet of lilies to give for someone. Refer to the below idea for your ease reference.

1. Yellow lilies
A yellow lily bouquet will make an excellent gift for special holidays. This bright flower is often associated with remembrance, making it an ideal choice to commemorate a particular occasion. It makes a perfect gift to show appreciation as well.

2. Lilies arrangement in a vase
If you are looking for ready-to-use room decoration, buying a floral arrangement in a vase will be the best. A vase of lilies will lend your room such stylish and majestic looks. You can combine lilies with other stunning blooms like pink and white roses.

3. White lilies and red roses
A bouquet consisting of white lilies and red roses is perfect for expressing your love to someone special. You can give this sweet gift on his/her birthday or anniversary. Besides, this bouquet makes a nice gift for celebrating Mother’s Day as well.

Furthermore, you can also choose a mixed lily bouquet for a stunning gift on special moments. It will bring the general meaning of lilies: purity and elegance. You can give this classy bouquet on Valentines’ Day or other special occasions.

How to Keep a Bouquet of Lilies Alive and Fresh

Then, how can we keep a bouquet of lilies alive and fresh? For your information, cut lilies may last for up to two weeks. However, if you don’t perform such proper care, the flower may die before reaching two weeks.
To avoid such things happen, you need to cut the stem horizontally at an angle of 45 degrees. This way, the flowers can live longer because they will be capable to soak more water in the vase.
Moreover, you need to strip away the foliage of your lily bouquet. In this vase, strip the one that falls under the water in your vase. Don’t forget to replace the water of your lilies every two days as well.

Also, make sure to keep the vase away from direct sunlight since it will expedite the lilies from dying. By doing this proper care, you can at least enjoy the beauty and sweet fragrance of lilies for a longer period.
In conclusion, lilies are an outstanding bloom that makes a great gift and room decoration. You can easily get a bouquet of these beautiful flowers from nearby florists considering how popular they are. So, don’t hesitate to get your favorite lily bouquet for any occasion!

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