Purple Orchid


Everyone who’s ever seen this flower knows that orchid is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world, they come in huge varieties (in fact, over 35,000). They are also a symbolic flower among many flowers.

They become hugely popular in decorative arrangements and bouquets because of their meaning for a century. People may be confused about the meaning of many colors it has, and which is the best to give for a certain occasion.

To match the recipient’s personality, aesthetic, interest, and hope, rightly with the color of orchids and its arrangement, it is very important if you want to surprise someone by giving them special beautiful orchid flowers.

You can learn the meaning of various orchid’s colors before giving a bunch of orchids as a gift. You can order online at affordable prices and choose various arrangements according to your budget and desire.

Meaning of Orchid’s Color

Because of their beauty and rarity, this flower is always prized highly. However, the associations of the color-code that they developed had connotations with the broader culture. It is well-known for its depth, elegance, complexity, and range.

White Orchid

White Orchid
White Orchid


This color is simply gorgeous. This orchid’s color is the most minimal and simplest of the variety. Among flower enthusiasts, they often become the favorite. In Chinese folklore, the white orchids are symbolized by Conficus as virtuous people.

He believed that they are representing a harmonious combination of humility and refinement. They symbolize beauty, elegance, and innocence. For any future groom or bride, it is the perfect gift. You can arrange them and make a bouquet for your special one.

Pink Orchid

Pink Orchid
Pink Orchid


The pink orchid represents femininity, grace, joy, and happiness, traditionally, it is given on the wedding anniversary of the 28th or 14th celebration as the deep affection conveyer. They are also sought frequently after as symbols of tenderness, friendship, and healing (use as a get-well gift).

Purple Orchid


Purple Orchid
Purple Orchid


This color displays dignity and royalty. A Purple orchid flower arrangement is a perfect gift to be sent to the manager or a boss, it can demonstrate respect and admiration. To show your gratitude to the companions or elder relatives, this is a great way.

Red Orchid

Red Orchid
Red Orchid


They represent passion, desire, romance, and fire. If you passionately love someone, you should give them red orchids, just give it on valentine’s day. They can also represent courage and strength (give to someone who overcame a test).

Orchid Meaning Around the World

More than to symbolize national identity, orchids have come with a lot of meaning. It helps great cultural and ceremonial value throughout various societies. For example, the ancient Greeks.

If Greek women wanted to have a male child, they would give their husbands meals of the plants. This flower held a variety of important reasons. They believe that it can assist the lungs and can help people that had a bad cough.

The great Chinese philosopher, Confucius, believe that virtuous and honest person like orchids because it represents the perfect culture. In the Philippines, orchids are believed to be forests’ protectors. In Indonesia, there is a trust that orchids are created from fairy cloaks.

This flower is also widely used in cooking. You may consume it quite regularly without knowing. One of the world’s popular and favorite flavors, vanilla, is made up of an orchid’s species. This flavor appears almost in everything like a cupcake, ice-cream, or even lipstick.

They are a perfect flower to add to any bouquets because of their spectacular colors and varieties. Send your special message to a special or close one in your life by giving them this beautiful orchid flower.

Orchids Care Tips

Orchids grow best in a moist and well-drained medium, although too much water can result in the roots rotting. The most common mix for growing orchids is a mix of sphagnum moss, coarse perlite, and bark. Some even mix in charcoal in the growing mix but it is not a must.

It is recommended to place the orchids under bright, but indirect sunlight, as insufficient sunlight may result in poor flowering, and too much sunlight or heat will dry the leaves out.

Temperature also plays an important role in the growth of orchids. Although orchids do fine in colder or warmer temperatures, it is better to keep it 15 degrees colder during the night to make sure it blooms well.

How to Take Care of Potted Orchids

Most orchids are planted using potting media because they make it easier to arrange, especially indoors. Here are some ways to take care of potted orchids.

1. Choose between earthen or plastic pots

Actually better if you use potting soil. This pot is able to keep moisture longer than plastic pots.

2. Make a support post for the support of the rod.

Apart from being a support, the pole functions to form the orchid plant to make it tidier.

3. Provide fertilizer

Like other plants, orchids also need food to survive. Sources of plant nutrition apart from the planting medium are also supplied through fertilizers. The quality and quantity of fertilizers can regulate the vegetative and generative growth of orchids.

What Month Do Orchids Flower

Each species of orchid has its own growing season or a specific period of the year when the plants flower naturally. If they haven’t entered the growing season, they won’t flower. Most orchids, including Phalaenopsis, will produce new leaves during the months of June-September. The blossoms and flower buds will appear around November and shortly thereafter will bloom. Flowers will continue to bloom until March. The flowering season usually ends in mid-February.

How Do You Get an Orchid to Rebloom

Here are some ways to get orchids to bloom again.

1. Create the Right Growth Environment

Make sure the light intensity is suitable for your orchid species.

2. Do the watering with the right amount of water

Phalaenopsis orchids need to be watered once a week during periods of dormancy (when not growing or flowering) and twice weekly during periods of active growth. Outside of the watering schedule, Phalaenopsis orchids prefer dry conditions.

3. Keep the environment humid

Most orchids are tropical plants and like a fairly high level of humidity.

4. Use a fertilizer specially made for orchids

The right fertilizer can stimulate faster growth and earlier flowering. Fertilize once a month during active growth. Overall, the active growth period lasts from March to November.

5. Lower the room temperature by about 10 degrees at night.

Moth orchids (Phalaenopsis) are sensitive to temperature. In the wild, orchids appear along with fall, and the temperature drops at night.


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