Pick Your Favorite Roses Singapore for Celebrating Any Event

Pick Your Favorite Roses Singapore for Celebrating Any Event

Roses Singapore is the ultimate choice if you are in doubt of a bouquet to gift for your special ones. It’s no secret that flowers, especially roses, are the general unspoken language to express your love and appreciation to someone.
Roses themselves are known as the most favorable flowers around the world. Consisting of more than 100 dissimilar species, roses are not only adorned as a bouquet. However, roses are also planted in the garden to share their sweet fragrance.

Although roses are widely cultivated around the world, some wild species of these flowers are experienced in a vague future. Some species of wild roses are even endangered due to habitat loss. But, luckily, you can still enjoy the beauty of another species of roses.

What Makes a Bouquet of Roses Unique and Special?
Then, what makes roses Singapore special? One of the reasons is because of the symbol they signify. Since a long time ago, roses have been connected to various symbols and meanings. As a result, roses become a popular floral gift for many occasions.
In general, roses are often believed to become a symbol of purity, compassion, and virtue. Because of the meanings they signify, roses will continue to be known and adored as a source of pleasure to their receiver.
Moreover, roses are special because every color of these flowers has a diverse meaning. For instance, a bouquet of red roses Singapore will be believed to bring a romantic meaning associated with love and partner. Meanwhile, the other colored roses will tell you different messages.

Yellow roses are more recognized as a symbol of friendship while orange roses are considered as a representation of enthusiasm. Meanwhile, happiness is often associated with pink roses because of their cheerful and charming colors.
On the other hand, white roses are more likely used to express purity. Some people employ these flowers to show their pure love for mothers. Aside from red roses, the white varieties are considered being the other most popular choices among flower senders.

Picking the Right Rose for Every Event
So, are you interested in taking advantage of the meaning brought by roses Singapore? Make sure that you are aware that different roses will signify special meanings. Thus, refer to the following information so that you can pick the right type of roses.

1. For romance
If you need a bouquet of roses for something romantic like wedding anniversaries or Valentine’s Day, red roses will be a perfect bet. You can send the loved one a bouquet of red roses to let him or her know about your romantic feeling.

2. For sympathy
Are you thinking of sending flowers to someone’s funeral? Then, make sure you are not sending the wrong flowers and end up showing dissimilar messages. For expressing sympathy, you can send white roses Singapore or the blue ones.

3. For weddings
Even though white roses are pretty popular wedding flowers, many people start to take advantage of other colored blooms for this occasion. If you want to break the traditional look, consider using other colored roses like pink and purple.
Other colors of roses work well for your wedding ceremony as well. If you love red, blue, orange, or yellow roses, don’t hesitate to go for your favorite ones. When you apply a selection of color schemes in your wedding, any colored rose will work.

Keeping Cut Roses Fresh and Beautiful
After choosing the right roses Singapore for your needs, you better know how to keep them fresh and beautiful. This is especially important if you get the roses in advance before sending them to someone.
Moreover, it will be useful if you receive a bouquet from someone and want to enjoy the roses in a longer period. The simplest method is to replace the vase water on a regular basis. If it is possible, you can do it every day.

Then, when you place the roses into the vase, be sure that the cut stems are immersed by water for seven to 10 cm. You can also consider creating a DIY preservative by dissolving white vinegar and sugar at 2:3 in warm water.
To conclude, roses are special flowers that have been adored since many years ago. These blooms are beautiful and perfect for any occasion. You can get your favorite roses Singapore for celebrating a wedding anniversary and other special events.

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