Real or Artificial Flowers?

There are certain people who like to choose a real bunch of flowers to make the room look
more beautiful, but some others more likely to choose artificial flowers because they last
longer than real flowers. You probably wandering what is the difference between them two
other than the things mentioned above. Here are the pros and cons about real and artificial

real or artificial flowers

Q: What is the pros and con of real flowers?



    • Because they’re natural, they definitely smell so nice and beautiful. This part is

definitely the biggest difference about real flower and the fake one.

  • Different from the fake one, the texture of the real flower is far different from the


fake flower, the real flower is usually much softer than the fake one.

  • If you’re in a wedding, fresh floral would be best for you because nothing can beat


the look of a fresh flowers than the fake one.

  • If you’re worried that the real one will die one day, you don’t have to worry anymore


because there is various way for you to preserve your real flowers.


  • if you compare the artificial one with the real one in matters of weight, the real
    flowers are heavier than the fake one.
  • Not mention the price too, the price of real flower usually relies on the season. So
    it’s not shocking anymore if the real flowers are expensive during off season.

Q: Then what is the pros and cons about the artificial flowers?


  • Because it’s a handmade, usually the artificial flower available in many colors and
  • You can use it multiple time because it will never die.
  • Not like real fresh flower, there’s no season for artificial flowers. You can found your
    favorite flower even during off season.
  • And it definitely is cheaper than the real one.


  • Even though the artificial one may last longer than the real one, they miss the
    beauty of the real ones.
  • And ever since it can be used multiple times, dust that can collect on them over time
    and make it look worse.
  • The most important thing is, the fake flowers will send the wrong message to your
    love one.

So thus are the difference between real flowers and artificial flowers. But then again, even
though both of them are pretty, you can adjust it to the atmosphere at that time. As the
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