Freesia – Fragrance That Makes Your House Smell Like a Garden

The aroma from someplace can give a certain impression for some people. A good aroma will present a good impression. We often use flower fragrance to grace the air in our house. Even some of us make the aroma in our house smells like a garden. The answer for us that wants to make our house’s aroma feels like in the garden is freesia flower.

Freesia flower, for the first time, was found in South Africa. In floriography, freesia meaning as purity. Often we found that this plant is given to a mother who just gave birth as a congratulation. Freesia flower is also a symbol of someone’s character who has optimistic, brave, and active, so that, freesia flower often made perfume for peoples who have the challenger’s soul.

Plants that can make a house smell good

1. Jasmine



Jasmine can give a natural aroma without adding an air freshener. A fragrance that durable can give people a relaxed sensation. For that reason, many people purposely put jasmine in a room or picking up fresh fallen flowers and put it in a room.

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