5 Creative Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Hi Flowerlovers.. Happy Thanksgiving Day! Thanksgiving is not only about feast and gather with the families, but actually you can do something fun with your family members, especially for the kids. One of the example is making some thanksgiving crafts for them. So, what are they? See this article below!

  1. Hand Turkey

Hand Turkey craft

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It’s so easy and simple to make. First, you need a blank card and some watercolor painting. Paint each of the fingers with different color, then tap it to the blank card. And for the body, you can use your palm and paint it with a brown color. Then tap it too to the blank card. Lastly, you can draw eyes, mouth and feet to complete it. Voila, your turkey is done! Actually, this card can be used to make a greeting cards during this Thanksgiving Day.

  1. Tissue Paper Turkey

Tissue Paper Turkey craft

Source : craftymorning.com

First, all you need are some colorful tissue papers, scissors, paper plate, glue, brush,colorful paper and black marker. Cut some colorful tissue papers and make them into a leaf shape. After it’s done, pour the glue in a paper plate and stick them to it. Then, cut and make a turkey shaped body and facial features with the colored paper. Don’t forget to make their little feet too. Then, you’re done!

  1. Rolled Paper Pumpkin Craft

Rolled Paper Pumpkin Craft

Source : onecreativemommy.com

Have you ever heard about quilling? It’s a bit similar to it. But don’t worry.. It is way easier so that you can make it together with your kids! How? First, you need to prepare glue, colorful papers with orange, green and brown color, and scissors. Then, cut the paper into 1 or 2 strips. You need to cut one brown, a few green strips, and many orange strips for each pumpkin that you want to make. Now, we begin with orange strips first. Roll each strip and glue the end of it.

You need to keep in mind that you need to make it all with different size, because the pumpkins have a lot more character when the sizes are different. Then glued the orange circles together to form the pumpkin shape. Lastly, add a stem and a few green paper curls to complete it.

  1. Turkey Napkin Holders

Turkey Napkin Holders craft

Source : viewfromthefridge.com

To make this, all you needs are : TP Rolls ( 1 or two a roll per place setting), 4 colors of felt, googly eyes and hot glue gun. First, cut a standard toilet paper roll in half. Then cut four colors of felt and make them into a feather shape. After that, stick the feathers onto the TP Roll by using a hot glue gun. And also glue the goggly eyes onto the TP roll. Lastly, cut a triangle out of orange felt for beak and glue onto the TP roll. Your Turkey Napkin holders is done now!

  1. Turkey Colorful Book

Turkey Colorful Book craft

Source : b-inspiredmama.com

All you needs are 3 paper bags with brown color, hole punch, rubberband, craft stick, brown, red and yellow construction paper, brown card stock, goggley eyes, glue, scissors, and recycled papers or magazines. Here are some steps to make it:

1. Fold each paper bag in a half. Punch two holes along the folded edge of the bags. From the back, insert the rubber band through each hole. Insert a craft stick through one loop of the rubber band and then through the other loop.

2. Next, create the turkey face. Cut a yellow triangle for the beak. From the red construction paper cut the turkey’s wattle. Add googley eyes.

3. Then, create the tail feathers by cutting a feather shape from recycled paper or magazine pages. Glue the tail feathers to the back of the last page of the book. After that,cut a piece of brown cardstock paper a little bit larger than the size of the book to cover the back of the tail feathers and help support them.

4. Lastly, illustrate your book. Add some drawing or writing to the inside pages of the book. Be as creative as your kids want.

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