Ways to Care Your Fresh Flowers

vas-bungaFlowerAdvisor always use the freshest flowers available to design your flower arrangement. After you receive bouquets, you can help your fresh flowers last longer by following these simple guides. By knowing how to make your flowers last longer will add more enjoyment.

  1. Put in a Vase. Fill the vase two-thirds with room-temperature water – don’t forget to clean your vase beforehand. Make sure no debris is floating in the water as it can affect the freshness of flowers. Do change the water in a 2-3 days.

  1. Re-cut the Stem. Remove one inch from the bottom of the stem in a 45° angle to allow the flower to take up water. TOP TIP: Cut the stems with a sharp scissor or knife.


  1. Position in a Cool Spot. Sunlight is definitely good for any plants and flowers. However, keep your flowers away from direct heat and sunlight, and avoid placing your flowers near any ripening fruit as it can age them prematurely. TOP TIP: 18-22 degrees Celsius is the most recommended temperature.

4. Check your Flowers daily. Keep the vase with fresh water and remove any growing wilted parts to lengthen the life of the bouquet. Treat your flowers like a baby.

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