What To Give When Chinese New Year Comes? Check Them Out Here

A Chinese New Year is the most special occasion when people have the chance to celebrate and to maintain the friendship with others. During this period of time, most of Chinese people are visiting some shops to buy Chinese New Year hamper to give to the loved one or friend. This old tradition to order CNY hamper Singapore has been existed for many years ago and it is now preserved until this present day.

It is said that the celebration of Chinese New Year depends on the income you get in every month. In this regard, you are not necessary to order CNY hamper Singapore that costs for hundred dollars because some foods or drink is quite enough to order CNY hamper Singapore. Then, what you have got to do is to put all the presents in a particular gold or red box or bag. This is because both gold and red symbolize the fortune while black and white are thought to be taboo colors.

CNY Hampers

So, here are best gifts for Chinese New Year

Most of you who celebrate the Chinese New Year may face difficulty in determining the right gifts when you buy Chinese New Year hamper. If you still do not know about it, below are some best options for you to give to your friends to enhance the intimacy of the friendship.

1. Hampers


What’s not to love about hampers? Tons of little presents wrapped in one big package will surely make the receivers happy and satisfied. The best part is, this beautifully presented gift only takes a minute to order through Flower Advisor. Simply choose your desired hampers and let them do the work for you, and your CNY hampers gift will be ready to be shipped anywhere you want.

2. Alcohol


Chinese New Year is commonly celebrated by drinking with families, friends and the loved one. In this case, to buy Chinese New Year hamper such as alcohol is the best option. Just prepare some alcohols at home when you welcome the guests. It is good idea to order CNY hamper Singapore in the form of alcohol and to enjoy all night with alcohol and togetherness.

3. Tobacco


If you really know that your Chinese hosts are heavy smokers, it is advisable to order CNY hamper Singapore just like tobacco. As you purchase a carton of tobacco with a good brand, he surely will appreciate on what you have given. So, order CNY hamper Singapore in the form of Tobacco for the elderly who love to smoke.

4. Tea


Enjoying the tea during the beautiful moments at Chinese New Year with big family or the loved one is the right option for you to enjoy the leisure time. When you want to give tea and you decide to order CNY hamper Singapore, it is said that a box wrapped tea is much better than the bagged tea. So, just consider the previous one.

5. Fruits


We all know that fruits are not something inseparable when having Chinese New Year. Thus, if you have no idea what to give, why not to buy Chinese New Year hamper just like a basket of fruit containing of oranges or apples. These two kinds of fruits are strongly advisable since they indicate the fortune and safety.

6. Home supplies


If you discover your hosts has already moved to the new house, you can buy Chinese New Year hamper just like some home supplies during the celebration of Chinese New Year. Here, you can consider about the crockery, tea set and electrical equipments are thought to be such a good choice for you to buy Chinese New Year hamper.

7. Foot bath or comb massager

Foot Massager

It has been broadly known that Chinese medicine you order CNY hamper Singapore also deals with the gentle massage that is considered to be the most effective way to repair the body. Regarding to the Chinese New Year, it is advisable to buy Chinese New Year hamper just like a comb that will be used to massage the head and the bath massager that will improve the blood circulation on the feet. All these gifts above are strongly recommended to give to the seniors.

8. School equipments and books

School Equipments

If you visit the hosts and intend to give some presents for their kids, you can prepare and buy Chinese New Year hamper such as the school equipments. A box of painting brushes, school notebook, writing pen and many others are the best recommendation to enhance the bond of friendship in between. If the kids like reading some story or science, you can order CNY hamper Singapore in the form of some most highly anticipated title for the kids.

There are so many gifts you can give to the relatives, friends, seniors or the loved one during the Chinese New Year as you buy Chinese New Year hamper. What you have got to know when you buy Chinese New Year hamper is that you are not supposed to buy the things with black and white color, beautiful necklaces and a green hat. It is such a big no-no to give because all those things you order CNY hamper Singapore bring the negative atmosphere during the celebration of the Chinese New Year.

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